Who we are

Our beginnings: In the early 90’s, a number of high energy, hardworking dreamers found ourselves working for a major international NGO in Mauritania, trying to grow a fledging development program with significant funding challenges and limited organizational buyin. Not knowing what was feasible we field test numerous development and leadership theories and created a strongly positive work environment and stable programming. The original idea for this network/company was birthed in the Biscaye living room in Tevragh Zena, Nouakchott– over drinks with Jonathan Shadid, Eric Sarriot, Robb Davis and myself – where we imagined a business – working for ourselves, driven by our passion and convictions, and not hindered by the limitations, affiliations of NGOs and their unneeded structures & systems based on mistrust. . Thankfully over the past 20 years we met people who shared our vision, and finally attained a critical mass of courage and people to be able to launch Accendo. The name for Accendo Group © was developed in 2010 with a former business partner and is now solely owned by Tim Biscaye.

Our Team

Many of us have twenty to thirty years on- the- ground, multi-country careers as expatriates. Others working in our home contexts as national experts, or in the diaspora, developing best practices and unlocking improved performance in organizations, businesses and partner communities. Many of us are from Africa, or have spent a large portion of our lives building capacity across the continent believing in an “Africa for Africans by Africans,” and these and similar convictions of local ownership of their future opportunities by nationals transcends regions.

Tim was a trusted colleague and always available to help me out no matter how full his plate was. He was one of the few HR leaders that I’ve worked with that truly cared about the resources and their alignment not only for my team but also how they fit into the corporate culture.

Major Projects Director, Global IT Services Company (January 2009)