What we do

Together we map a path to unlock your potential and if you need it, that of your team.

We know your situation is unique, but one thing we’re sure of, you’ll need to look not only at what you do, but also who you are, to ensure your team out-performs your strongest competitors.. We advise leaders and teams on how to stimulate growth in changing organizations and to implement strategies to draw out the best potential of people across cultures.

How does Accendo Group work?

We use a systematic process of analysis and then create a customized plan for each client, whether that is a single individual or a full organizational team. At the core of the plan is your agenda, not ours. Once we understand your goals we’ll bring to you tools for sourcing the best people, team motivation or coaching and mentoring to help you achieve your vision. Accendo Group has offices in the four key locations — France, Cameroun, Burkina Faso & Ethiopia and we have team members throughout the world. We can work with you in English, French & Spanish as well as numerous local languages through our network of experts. We keep communication simple appointing one project leader as a single liaison, a consistent management and financial structure and precise reporting of all our activities.

We know that a customized approach is needed to succeed and believe that each & every person is capable of improving his/her leadership and management skills, self-awareness, collaboration and relationships through higher emotional intelligence, and these improvements show on the bottom line.