Zinet Mahamoud

(English, Arabic, Amharic,
Hindu, Japanese, Spanish & Harari)

Zinet benefits from a multi-cultural upbringing in Egypt and Ethiopia and has worked in both for-profit and not-for-profit engagements for the past ten years. Zinet currently consults in market research and analysis. She has a BA in Business Admin & Management and in her past roles has managed development projects and national staff operations for the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Addis Ababa; worked as the Spokespersons Assistant and Team Leader of the local support staff for the United Nations Third Conference on Financing for Development, and held numerous manager level roles in logistics and procurement along with freelance consulting work as a Researcher & Analyst for Ethiopian businesses.

Her passion is resolving problems, removing obstacles and bringing satisfaction to her clients.  Zinet also is hugely involved in volunteer management with international and local non-profits such as Operation Smile, Mathiwos Wondu-Ye Ethiopia Cancer Society and the Black Lion Hospital in Addis.  Zinet is a mother of two young boys and loves hiking, dancing and infecting others with her smile and hope.