Hans Van Der Graaf

(Dutch, English & French)

Born in the Netherlands in the 60’s in a family with a long history of entrepreneurs, I found myself already working in business while still at university studying for my master’s degree in social and economic history. This combined with a teaching degree and faced with the challenge to manage a company and teaching at the local grammar school in my late twenties, my hybrid profile started taking shape. University schooled, equipped with a business mindset and an eagerness for coaching, I went through different stages of acquiring management skills in for profit and social profit organizations, combining the best of both worlds. As a family, we worked and lived in several African countries for 8 years. Those years have had a profound impact on our lives and work. Since we have been back in Europe I have the privilege travelling to all continents being part of one of the biggest non-profit organization in the world, established over 150 years ago, with a footprint in 128 countries around the globe. Our core business is capacity development of organizations through people in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Coaching people who would like to make the next step in life and being a mentor fulfills me with joy. Sharing across cultures, across countries, across generations, across disciplines and sectors is most inspiring. As humans, we all have a life to fulfill and I believe we are called to do this together. I had and still have the privilege to learn from and get inspired by other people. Being part of the Accendo-Group I can mentor and inspire you while I am still be open to learn, always and everywhere. Happily married and the father of two daughters in university.