The Accendo Difference

For most of us our real diplomas have been earned with lots of blood, sweat and tears of on-the-ground experience in the corporate, academic, international development and private sectors in many countries and regions of the world that equates to proven, hands on expertise and practical thinking.

We just don’t talk about the latest theories and thought leaders as we’re practitioners at heart and have been working to improve organizational effectiveness for years. We’ve learned from both our successes and our failures. You’ll get practical solutions to real issues when you work with us. We won’t waste your time. What you’ll get is positive change and new ways of thinking so you can go where you want to go.

Accendo Group is committed to retain the feel and economics of a boutique consultancy but with the capabilities of a large firm through our team of professionals based across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

In keeping with our commitment to retain our customized approach, we don’t charge what the big firms charge. Our pledge is to maximize your time and investment and our objective is to work ourselves out of a job because you’re working so effectively.

I have never had better HR Leadership during my 37 year career. You are a high-energy person who manages to make work almost fun at times. I have appreciated the fresh perspective that you bring to management issues & to problem-solving

CD Niger, European NGO, French West & Central Africa (June 2011)

Tim had tremendous impact in our region and under his leadership has professionalized HR in recruitment practices, safety and security assessment and learning and leadership development. His leadership in difficult times was an example for others. As a person Tim is gifted with a wonderful human touch and has inspired us with his creativity and out of the box thinking.

(Former supervisor) Regional Director European NGO , French West & Central Africa (July 2011)

Tim is an operationally savvy leader who demonstrates significant courage and inspires those working under him. Tim employed his leadership, creativity and networking abilities and demonstrated leadership excellence at both the strategic and tactical execution levels, integrity, and the courage to do the right thing at all times. (Former direct report) CFO – Controller NGO, USA (june

(Former direct report) CFO , Controller NGO, USA (June 2007)

I appreciate your unique set of skills and brand of tenacity and courage. I have not been around anyone in my career who has such a gift for inspiring organizational interest and vision. You have extraordinary abilities to see through the “junk” and quickly identify and get to the heart of a matter.

(Former collegue) VP , Donor Development NGO USA (March 2007)

Tim is a consummate professional. He is results oriented, disciplined and competent. A solid team player. He brings energy, vision, and commitment to any worthwhile endeavor.

(Past supervisor) CEO, Global NGO New York